Unlike the conventional shot up to a height of 1 meter to 1000 meters Our custom-designed remote-controlled model helicopters and vibration equipment with our latest technology, attract turbulence and healthy images.


Every day, our customers and the industry as a close follower of further developing imaging technology to offer always the first in Turkey and throughout the world to sign successful projects and maintain our industry-leading identity.


Flycam ar-ge studies began in 2006. With regard to flight and recording system offers solutions for amateur work system was purchased from American companies. However, tests and trials, and was not in the nature of Turkish cinema will satisfy the advertising industry. System taboos which prevent him from achieving the purpose, details and components have been reinterpreted. We had to change a lot of industrial mass production parts. Model helicopter champion of Turkey Mehmet Öztekin missing at the end of strenuous work and dedication and has completed the wrong list. Later parts of this new investigated. But it was impossible to find parts. All you need to change parts have been designed in 3D and found the body in the latest technology CNC table. The camera system is formed from a result of high engineering carbon composite and titanium alloy.

  • Mehmet Öztekin
    He was born in Istanbul on July 22, 1979. Acquired at an early age modeling hobby radio control model aircraft and helicopters moved in 1998. Between the years 2003 -2007 he has received several awards and honors branch model helicopter. He was win at Turkey FC3 in 2006, 2005 F3C (model helicopter category). Model helicopter and model helicopter acrobatics branches participated in various seminars and presentations. Currently the Turkish Air Force model airplane-helicopter part in the show and participate in training. In 2007, in order to make for more practical and low cost of expensive and challenging helicopter shooting; He founded the company that brings together a professional team FLYCAM to his own modeling experience. FLYCAM company helicopter operator in the model, make and model airship operator is involved in R & D section.
  • Seyit Ömer Gülas
    He was born in Istanbul on June 22, 1980. Between 2000-2001 years he was began work documentary of clouds country and he was started camera assistant on this documentary. Between 2001 – 2003 years he despite the passing snowy mountain plains whole life was his military service in the desert. Between 2004 – 2011 years he was edited TV programs and he was make 2D animations. He did consulting for Mg Advertising and Ant Productions. In 2009, the team participated in Flycam goulash company undertakes the task of shooting and post-production image regulations.
  • Şevket Türel
    He was born on Nicosia in 1981. He graduated from the department of Near Eastern informatics university. He specialized later model cars and model airplanes starting in 1999. He earned awesome degrees in international competitions. He is currently responsible for the Cyprus FlyCAM company serves helicopter pilot and camera operator.
  • Sevcan Gülas
    He was born on Istanbul in 1984. He graduated from the Graphics Department of Hacettepe University. He interested in i llustration and web design. He worked as typesetting and text editor at various company. He have social and spot photo projects. Currently he serves master degree in sociology at Muğla University. He is interested in geographical and social discovery.
  • Lütfi Albayrak
    He was born on Karabük in June 2, 1978. He have a corner for social media in Takvim newspaper. Between 1997-2001 years he did management and media adviser in various areas. There is also a book prepared by the film industry and broadcasting scenario. He makes press and public relations serve as supervisor in Flycam.
  • Pregrad Vuckovic
    Predrag Vuckovic was born on 17 February 1973 in Belgrade where he officially lives today. Constant travelling all around the world has contributed to his entering into the world of photography. It all started on an amateur level when he was taking photographs solely as a treat, whereas later it turned into professionalism and a serious business. Since he has always felt certain attachment to extreme sports, in 2006 conditions were established for starting the magazine X-SPORTS which includes about thirty extreme sports, adventures, challenges and actions. It is also the only magazine of the kind in Serbia which is in a very short time took its place among the host of various magazines from all the possible fields. Through publishing X-FITNESS and X-SPORTS the existing agency transformed into EXTREME MEDIA company, which today deals with preparing various advertisements in many other magazines, photographing a number of celebrities and communicating with the public through the shots Predrag Vuckovic creates. Studio and sports photography are prevalent, and Mr. Vuckovic continues to be renowned as one of EXTREME photographers, who takes images of a number of extreme sports, he himself taking part in them and being knowledgeable about many tricks and the terms for them. He met with flycam team on Kahramanmaraş in 2008. He and flycam team wanted to work with together. After the are signed contract together.
  • Şener Babataş
    He was born on İstanbul in 22 September, 1971. Şener Babataş began to take photographs at a young age as a professional in dealing with photography since 1989. In Sirkeci Khayyam Passage "Babatas Photography" says shop owner who Sener Babatas Flycam system to operate the selection of cameras and lenses will be used to be integrated. Sener Babatas about the structure and artistic photography and photo editing are involved in Flycam`.