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Flycam Helikopter

flycam-helikopteri Main Technic Features:

  • Main Rotor Length : 2100 mm
  • Weight : 14 kg (Flight weight)
  • Maximum Flight Speed : 140 km/h
  • Maximum Flight Altitude : 9.000 meters (Altitude)
  • Maximum Divergence : 600 m diameter
Flight Details:

Flycam helicopter, the actual helicopter location implemented by air currents, issues and points that should not be the effects on the player, Jimmy jeep to the maximum height by taking out the minimum flight height of the real helicopter responds to the desired display needs. Flycam helicopter is environmentally friendly because it uses unleaded gasoline and is able to perform flight around the world without fuel shortages.

Flight Distance:

The distance in flight by the pilot flying fixed stop; environmental structures, light condition, the maximum radius of 350 meters by the instant humidity and wind speed can be defined in a spherical area. The pilot and in the case of camera operators and ground stations stably binding to a carrier vehicle (Pick-Up Trucks, boats, etc.) about 120 km / h can be taken with speed chase.

Flycam Octocopter


Conveyor Belt Cameras: Alexa Mini, Red Epic, Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K Maximum Flight Altitude: 300 meters (can be increased to more altitude depending on the situation, but the security is who fly passenger helicopter and minimum flight altitude of small aircraft are put at risk.)

Maximum Flight Area: 600 meters wide (may vary according to the surrounding meat.)

Features: Flight with the help of GPS satellites are going to be safer and more distance.

Flycam Mount Helikopter


Main Specifications:

  • Passenger capacity is based on 4 people excluding pilots.
  • Length : 11.96 meters
  • Maximum Flight Speed : 170 km/h
  • Minimum Flight Altitude : 150 meters (Local)
  • The maximum flight time: 3 hours


Flight Details:

Flycam Bell 206 helicopter serves the purpose of leasing and shooting. The size of the area to be shot, the number of dots and video shooting will be preferred depending on the length of continuous recording distance. Flycam Bell 206 helicopter to the Flycam garden (Atakoy Marina) can be ridden. Taking permission from civil aviation and other related institutions to be shot by the shooting spots and nature of our company’s responsibility.


DJI Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer




Syrp Genie Motion Control Time LApse Device 44 Ib Load Capacity 12 Hour Battery





  • 1 Flycam Pilot
  • 1 Camera Operator
  • 1 Assistant

Operational Equipment:

  • 1 Flycam Helicopter Hardcase (2 bags can be according to the project)
  • 1 Flycam Hardcase (2 bags can be according to the project)
  • 1 Flycam ground station
  • 4 pieces of equipment Hardcase

Flycam in the center of Istanbul, the city carries out transportation studies in two different ways. Transportation studies with less than 550 km we are using our vehicle. In the study of 550 km above Flycam team, helicopters and other equipment, and THY carries the bags have been specially manufactured with hardcase. Flycam, aircraft on the optimal size depends on the date the request was made thanks to the agreement with Turkish Airlines is time to send the cargo.

Access With Aircraft Employer Company Responsibilities:

  • Flycam to meet the team at the airport and provide transfer to the shooting zone,
  • Accommodation organization of the project will take more than a day in Flycam team,
  • Study after Flycam the flight crew and equipment at the latest 2 hours before the airport transfer,


Air transport: 250 kg / 5-8 pieces bag Land transport: two bags of at least 185 m and a tool that can take 3 people Flycam crew neck.

Use Areas of Flycam

Action Shots

Helicopter shots several short and feature film, documentary films, are used in commercials. Seen from a viewing angle of the viewer, offering luxury helicopter shots it is of great importance in connecting the viewer to the subject. Nowadays different techniques are used helicopter shooting. The helicopter shooting led the Wescam is determined by the desired image to be suitably equipped. Flycam is a device which sounds as Wescam at this point. Belgian-born Flyingcam advancing under the leadership of the company sector is also conceived in a very different areas. There is a region between the helicopter passenger who failed to register with Jimmy. Remove the style of the image you cram the maximum level with Jimmy for long or you bring up the subject to take up to ground level but does not reach your maximum to the minimum of the helicopter. This range has another hardware requirement. Here FLYCAM right answer is. Because; Starting 1 meter above the ground on the beach, subsequently reaching the sea scroll a certain period sandy same height as the ongoing sea shots, then a sizeable ship in front starting to rise, not the ability of another hardware to take on a non-long conventional route so that you can see full frame from above. There is no need to get a ground support because, like rail carriage does not need to install the system, do not have short stature as Jimmy. Your single point of support over 1500 rpm rotating blade asset.

Today, Turkey Must Be Crazy (Avsar Film) received by the missile bombing of a village in the helicopter scene in the movie with the subjective camera shots of the route and approach the issue is to do my Flycam. There is no need to come to a firm from Belgium to the United States for such a picture.

Murat Coskun Aral and Toy with the same system as the documentary’s first 3D aerial images of Turkey is prepared to TRACE TV – “Istanbul Touch” – FlyCAM can be prepared with the contribution. This documentary is also very low flight in Sultan Ahmet Square, false images of Hagia Sophia minaret, 20 cm above the obelisk flow occurs, there is a rising path traversing hills at the foot of the Bozdağ belt clip. All of these plans but can be done with Flycam.

Architectural Photography

Flycam system offers different point of use in architectural projects. Computer-controlled helicopter shooting Flycam is working on providing the global coordinates and perspectives will be coming to the desired height. At this point, 3dsmax-style three-dimensional modeling program to be rendered in visual form the fund Flycam photo shooting with the optical expansion of the multiplier is increased photo-realistic mind. How far from the land with the same system and design height, which is placed on the empty land that has known one offers can be embedded with an actual rate. In our country, many construction companies in the design of projects that use after making the sale with the purpose of not experiencing any problems with the consumer when the construction is finished Flycam systems, not only for vacant land or naive building is also used for projects that have been delivered. Especially where the technology will be 360V-unit building with the roof line project sites is provided as a reference work records.

Altitude Landscape Photography

Basically the height can be controlled on a blank area described as landscape photography. To promote Turkey as the first Regnum firm by the architect Çaglayan Selim claimed the shooting method on three different systems before they become physical operating principle that we apply today. Firstable, the study was carried out with the company to get Regnum Hasanpaşa. Aim to decide the direction of living and the cost of goodwill was to determine the height of the building can be seen from the sea. In this context, the revenue cost of the project, which was hard to reach figures which want to be identified. According to the result with views of the sea direction and therefore the sales price could be calculated. In addition, some of the companies in our reference list on the land they still consider buying from our company are demanding photographing landscape easement.

Customized Solutions for Customer

There was a new advertising spaces that want to offer their customers the company MGA. This area was an area of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge can be seen in the direction of traffic flow. But car traffic with a photo shoot done in this area had not fully meet the need. Again on the same road but had to be taken pictures of 30-40 meters altitude. At this point, our company have filed a request for the company MG came into contact with the shooting. The team investigating the shooting range Flycam waited for the proper time to shoot. After proper traffic for shooting caught Flycam helicopter pulled the plane, aerial photographs.

musteri-1 Regnum firm had a plaza construction project wanted to do in the Hasanpaşa. After the completion of this project which would see the wonder plaza floors views. The answer to this question to a real helicopter does not have an appropriate viewer. Regnum Flycam administrators Architects met with expressed their demands. It needs a helicopter can rise in a single line the appropriate solution for the job. Manual control would remain inadequate in this regard. Baykan firm and within the framework of the assistance of Selcuk Bayraktar Haluk brother Flycam UAV helicopter was brought to life. This could rise to 2,000 meters on the helicopter as a single line could perform in the desired rotation angle. This system for all aspects of land taken 8 times (45 degrees) image recording was taken.


Mercedes company in central Germany, needed to Istanbul in three-dimensional drawings of the plant. This is the fixed height for a few drawings (20m-40m-60m) was needed to photograph. But these photos should be withdrawn from the plant at least 16 points. Came into contact with the authorities of Mercedes Benz Turkey Flycam team reported their request. Factory circulating Flycam team shooting is feasible to complete the preparation Specify went to the factory within 2 days. Filming was carried out in one full day of Mercedes Benz Turkey was delivered to the authorities. Germany Mercedes center made drawings based on this photos. musteri-3


Aerial Advertising

The world’s largest billboard of the reach of millions of people simultaneously with “Flybanner” system.

Flycam and Sancak Air is brought to you in cooperation with this system is a first in Turkey. Helicopter sound of the people’s interest in research has been identified as one of the most attracting sound. Through this practice is applied using Flybann Security Systems not only in Istanbul, it is possible to reach millions all over Turkey. This system has benefited from a special fabric used in the aviation industry. This fabric is resistant to all weather conditions and having a plurality of use. Helicopters connected to this system offers you a choice of three different sizes.

Bu sistemde havacılık sektöründe kullanılan özel bir kumaştan faydanılmaktadır. Bu kumaş her türlü hava koşullarına dayanıklı olup birden fazla kullanım özelliğine sahiptir. Helikoptere bağlanan bu sistem size üç farklı ebat seçeneği sunmaktadır.

  • 18 metre X 36 metre 600 metre kare
  • 22 metre X 45 metre 1.000 metre kare
  • – 25 metre X 48 metre 1.200 metre kare
  • 27 metre X 55 metre 1.500 metre kare

Uçuş süresi gün içerisinde minimum 1, maksimum 3 saat (sabah-öğlen arası 1.5 saat, öğlen- akşam arası 1.5 saat) olarak yapılır. Uçuş süresinin özellikle insan ve trafik yoğunluğunun olduğu saatlerde tercih edilmesi uçuşların daha faydalı olmasını sağlayacaktır .Önerilen uçuş güzergahı, yoğun yerleşim bölgelerini kapsayacak şekilde planlanmıştır. Standart rota, Anadolu yakası, Avrupa yakası ve Boğaz üzerindendir. Uçuş rotası ve saatleri isteğe bağlı olarak planlanabilir.

Ayrıca, isteğe bağlı olarak özel ebatlar da uygulanabilir. Çok hafif malzemeden özel olarak yapılan görseller 5 kilometre uzaklıktan okunabilir. Bu devasa pano tüm reklam, sergi, organizasyon, konser ve lansmanlar için kullanılabilir.Yurt dışında yapılan araştır ve anketlerde her 3 kişiden 2 kişinin banner ı gördüğü tespit edilmiştir.